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3yrs through Adult

Director: Gail Boyer received her Music Degree from the University of Tennessee where where she studied Suzuki pedagogy and violin.  She has studied with the William Starr and Hiroko Driver.  She is an active member of SAA, ASTA, NAFME and participates in the music festivals for the national Music Educator Association.  Mrs. Boyer taught music and orchestra in our public schools for 18 years.

Gail Boyer Music Lessons

Gail Boyer Music Lessons

Styles and Teaching Methods: Mrs. Boyer is a Suzuki trained instructor in  nine levels and incorporates traditional note reading into her lessons as well.  View Gail Boyer’s Credentials

MISSION:  We hold to the idea that every child can learn.  Each student is important and we provide lessons and theory training and information about where to inspired to play music well.  We strive to give each student the very best instruction.  Every teacher is highly trained and continues to perform their instrument and learn new teaching techniques and contribute to the academic community of musical professionals.

Mrs. Gail Heide Boyer began studying violin with Markwood Holmes at the University of Pittsburgh at the age of 14. She attended Wichita State University majoring in violin and piano.

She studied with James Ceasar principal of the Wichita Symphony.  Mrs. Peggy Varvel introduced her to John Kendall and the Suzuki program.  This lead to her own children studying violin with Hiroko Driver and Carey Chaney.  View Gail Boyer’s Credentials

Gail Boyer teaches Violin, Cello, Bass and Violin Lessons to students ages three through adult.
She teaches in Charlotte, Steele Creek and Belmont North Carolina.

Suzuki Method Violin Instruction, Piano, Bass, Guitar and Drama

Suzuki Violin Method

Suzuki Method Violin School
Suzuki Method Violin School

Suzuki Piano Method

Suzuki Method Piano School
Suzuki Method Piano School

Suzuki Bass Method

Suzuki Method Bass School
Suzuki Method Bass School

Suzuki Cello Method

Suzuki Mthod Cello School
Suzuki Method Cello School